What It Is

Persisting Environment

Better immersion and a feeling of progression in DCS World campaigns and replayed single missions. Previously inflicted battle damage to scenery, static objects and AI units is recreated at mission start. On mission end all additional damage is recorded.

User Friendly Design

DCS World module with own campaigns and missions. Automated reintegration after DCS update. Controllable via in-mission radio menu. Minimum effort for mission creators to enable the persistence features via naming convention.

Feature Rich

Monitors attrition of air, ground and sea forces be they friendly or foe. Recreates destruction of scenery objects like bridges, depots and factories. Tracks reserves that replenish key units. Provides battle damage assessment for defined targets.

Usage Scenarios

Replay until attrition of the enemy. Simulate weakening of the enemie's SAM shield and final breakthrough to the valuable target. Feel resource restrictions due to tracked destruction of warehouses, fuel storages and parked airplanes.


Inspired by DCS Witchcraft and the Dynamic Campaign Engine the long-term target is to develop Project Dynamism into a full dynamic campaign environment. Running independently from DCS it would automatically create missions into which content is spawned dynamically reflecting the state of the persisted environment.
In view of the RTS dynamic campaign under development by Eagle Dynamics this project instead will focus on turn-based elements (e.g. alternating planning and execution stages) and casual gamers with limited time to play.

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DCS World Integration

System Overiew

Server Based

Project Dynamism consists of a Web Service backed by a geospatially enabled Database and a Connector Application that ensures integration into the DCS Simulator Scripting Engine while also functioning as a data relay.

Integration into DCS World is achieved via a Mod and Hooks Script. Once a Project Dynamism enabled mission is loaded the Hooks Script injects LUA functions that enable the Simulator Scripting Engine to directly communicate with the Dynamism Connector during the runtime of the mission.

The LUA functions are served based on the installed DCS World version and hence can readily adapt to changing behaviour and Simulator Scripting Engine features available.

System Overiew

Slim Footprint

No LUA scripting is required. Just follow a mission file naming convention to enable the persistence of damages an destructions.

Reporting, persistence and recreation of battle damages happen fully automated without needed interaction of the player.

Server communication is limited to the start and the end of a mission allowing for unimpaired performance during its runtime.


July 2020

Spatial Data Aggregation and Military Symbols on Web App

The last weeks were busy in exporting interesting map objects from DCS World, classifying them, saving them into a database and grouping them into factory complexes, bridge compounds, etc.
Factory Complex
Currently work is ongoing to link the map objects to the damage reported and persisted already by Project Dynamism. This will allow to track e.g. the status of a factory, whether important buildings were hit or only minor damage inflicted. Following a tutorial about Angular and Leaflet there is now a basic web app in development to visualize the map objects using military standard labels.
Map With Military Symbols
Also the current database was swapped for a spatially enabled one (PostgeSQL + PostGIS). Now it is easy to test a location for containment, overlap and distance to some other area. One could think of modelling no-fly zones, engagement areas, country airpaces, territoral waters and much more.